RDI® Certified Consultant, Registered Music Therapist, Certified Therapeutic Play Supervisor

Location: Rm 1501-1504, 15/F, Hang Seng North Point Bldg., 341 King’s Rd., North Point, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Phone: +852 61107718

Areas Serviced: Hong Kong SAR, China

Languages: Cantonese, Chinese, English

Works at a Distance

Rachel Chan

Miss Rachel Chan is a Registered Music Therapist (AMTA), Certified Supervisors for Therapeutic Play (PTUK) and RDI® consultant trainee (RDIconnect). With ten years of experience of working with children and adults at special schools, autistic schools, play therapy centers, hospitals, nursing homes and mental health rehabilitation settings in Sydney and Hong Kong.

With specialist skills in supporting children and adults impacted by emotional, behavioral and mental health problems, and including parents/carers in the therapeutic process. Making use of various interventions, including art, singing, musical improvisation, drum circles, dancing and movement, sand and creative visualization for individuals and groups.

Currently, Rachel has been devoting her specialist skills in supporting children who have Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Asperger Syndrome, ADHD, Anxiety disorder, childhood cancer, a variety of emotional and developmental problems in children hospital, early education and training centers.

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