Jamal Maerof Shareef, D.C.H.

RDI® Consultant in Training

Location: Malik Mahmwd Ring Road Str. Geman Village 105, Sulaimaniyah, Sulaimaniyah, 964, Iraq

Phone: 7701520346

Areas Serviced: I can serve in North Iraq (Sulaimaniyah, Erbil and Duhok) as well as middle east countries except Iran plus south east asia.

Languages: Kurdish, English and Arabic

Works at a Distance

About Jamal

I am a medical graduate of Medical Faculty of Erbil Medical University since 1996. I had never heard about the term of autism till 2002 when I was read an article published on weekly news journal. Since that time I was curious about the condition, tried to educate myself and enrich my knowledge. I would like also to declare that I have worked as an advocator for children with special needs since graduation as I have participated with western church charities in establishing physiotherapy department in North Iraq in 1997.

I gave lectures of musculoskeletal and neuroanatomy in an understandable way to physiotherapy students and I helped parents by giving them scripted handouts about their child’s condition in an easy and understandable mother language. I served in all medical fields but I mostly focused on pediatrics and got D.C.H degree in 2004 then working as a consultant pediatrician in my country.

I am married since 2000, have two kind boys Nali is almost 18 at high school and Novan is almost 13 at secondary school are a real helpers for any creatures with vulnerabilities!

Best regards

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