Lisa Palasti, Director of RDI Professional Training in Canada

RDI® Certified Consultant

Location: 121 Brembel Street, unit 1A, Kitchener, Ontario, N2B3T7, Canada

Phone: 5195755323

Areas Serviced: Canada, USA, Europe

Languages: English


Works at a Distance

About Lisa

In her role as the Director of RDI© Professional Training in Canada, Lisa has the ability to impact even more families affected by Autism by educating and supervising professionals through their training towards RDI Professional Certification. You can find out more about upcoming RDI Professional training on her website at

As a Certified RDI© Program Consultant, Lisa has worked closely with families and individuals with ASD locally and at a distance across Canada, USA and Europe since 2004. Her ongoing mission is to raise awareness while empowering and educating participants about Autism, childhood development and neuroscience. has been her latest venture in doing just that.

Lisa also speaks locally and nationally offering education and encouragement to a variety of audiences about parenting, research, Autism and RDI, using both on-line and in person formats. Assessments of children’s learning environments, including school observations is also a strength of Lisa’s. She helps parents and educators to optimize the environments that autistics are exposed to so they can thrive and reach their fullest potential.

As a lifelong learner, she has expanded her training to include ILS Practitioner (Integrative Listening Systems), Gottman Seven Principles Program Educator, Masgutova MNRI reflex integration, HANDLE, EFT – level II, and more. She has worked closely with Dr. Steven Gutstein in developing the latest RDI program – Dynamic Intelligence. She also co-wrote the RDI extender curriculum and will be launching that in the coming year. The families she serves and her own children (now adults) have been her biggest teachers and inspiration. Lisa is eternally grateful and blessed to have been a part of their journey’s and witnessed the power of RDI in remediating Autism. Many Thanks to founders, Drs Steven Gutstein and Rachelle Sheely.

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