Dr. Mitali Vaidya, Consultant Diabetologist

RDI® Certified Consultant

Location: India

Phone: +919820802992

Areas Serviced: Thane, Mumbai in Mharashtra, India

Languages: English, Marathi, Hindi


Works at a Distance

About Dr. Vaidya

My RDI journey started when I began RDI for my son on the Autism Spectrum. It was the beginning of a wonderful journey of guiding and learning together, which continues to this day. As an RDI consultant, I look forward to bringing the same joy and sense of empowerment, of intuitive and natural parenting, to other families with children on the spectrum.

The goal is to help them to be mindful guides, and, reconnect and bond better with their children. Rekindling the intrinsic motivation in children to seek and learn and educating parents to support them in the process completes the guiding and learning circuit.

I am keenly interested in working with very young children diagnosed with autism to begin rebuilding the impaired Guiding relationship before it is deeply affected, as well as with
individuals with severe difficulties so as to offer them hope that growth is still possible.

I am fascinated with the efficacy of RDI in building Dynamic intelligence and I am especially interested in working with teenagers and adults, to find the missing piece and help them enjoy a better quality of life that includes friendships, relationships and employment.

Being a practicing Diabetologist, my medical background helps me to be thorough and analytical in understanding the pathophysiology of neurological dysfunction and to be methodical in planning the intervention. My work as a part of the core committee of a Parent Support group in my city has helped me see and interact with many families with children on the spectrum. My experience with them helps me broaden my perspectives regarding Autism remediation and improving quality of life not just for the individual on the spectrum, but the entire Family as well.

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