Kamini Lakhani, Director of RDI Professional Training in India

RDI® Certified Consultant, Behavior Specialist

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Phone: 9967768682

Areas Serviced: Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kochi, India, Malaysia, United States of America

Languages: English and Hindi

About Kamini

Kamini Lakhani has been providing services in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders since the past 25 years. She is passionate about the cause of Autism. Respect and dignity for people on the spectrum are the corner stones of her practice. She set up a volunteer based center providing services to students in Dubai based on ABA/VB in the year 2000. On moving back to India, she set up SAI (Support for Autistic Individuals) which provided ABA/VB (Applied Behavior Analysis/Verbal Behavior) services.

SAI Connections was set up in 2011 to provide RDI (Relationship Development Intervention) based services to families. Kamini is an RDI Consultant and a Behavioral Specialist.

Being a mother of an adult on the Autism Spectrum- Kamini believes in epowering families to deal with Autism. She has conducted several workshops over the years to educate parents and professionals about ABA and RDI.

Kamini is now responsible for Professional Training and Supervision in India and Dubai. The first phase for Professional Training has been successfully conducted in Mumbai. In the past few months she has travelled to Bangalore, Delhi, Pune and Dubai to conduct orientations about RDI Professional Training.

She is also on the Resource Committee of Forum for Autism, a registered parent body based in Mumbai to train and share resources with other parents and professionals.

Connect with Kamini for Professional Training and Consultation Services.

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