Nerida Maclean, SLP, CPSP

RDI® Certified Consultant

Location: 4/67 Dunsford St, Zillmere, Brisbane, Queensland, 4034, Australia

Phone: 61 407175209

Areas Serviced: Office or home visiting service available to families in Brisbane within a half hour travel time. Distance consulting available for families further afield (other states in Australia or other countries).

Languages: English


Works at a Distance

About Nerida

Nerida is a Speech Language Pathologist who is passionate about engaging with parents searching for a way to truly connect with their child. She has many years of experience working in a Family Centred model of practice with children who have a range of neurodevelopmental disorders, including but not limited to Autism Spectrum Disorder. Nerida assists parents to develop their role as their child’s first communication and relationship partner, no matter the age of the child. As an RDI Consultant, Nerida helps parents to overcome obstacles, discover their own competence as they create many moments of shared meaning together with their child. Through the rebuilding of the parent child guiding relationship, parents can then support their child to new levels of competence in many areas of their daily life. Carefully structured social dyad opportunities allow children and teens to experience guided social learning with a matched peer. Nerida’s focus within her practice has expanded and now includes supporting many young adults who wish to build their social competence and improve their relationships.

Nerida is also skilled in the assessment and provision of low tech and high tech AAC supports for children who have complex communication needs. Many parents have purchased a communication tool to help their child (such as an iPad App, or a PODD book), but have never been supported to understand how best to use it at home. Fundamental to helping a child to develop language is the sense of security and trust that develops through the many hours spent engaging in the parent child guiding relationship. It is a privilege and a joy to witness the emergence of a child’s true sense of self, as they learn to share their thoughts and feelings with others.

The Connection Zone clinic is located on Brisbane’s north side. Services can also be delivered to distance clients using a Telehealth model of practice.

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