Katherine Lee, B.A.

RDI® Certified Consultant and RDI Trainer

Location:  McKinney Texas, United States

Areas Serviced: Dallas /Fort Work areas, Distance families from all over the world

Languages: English


Works at a Distance

About Kat

An RDI program Certified Consultant for 19 years. Kat Lee works in the DFW metroplex and also serves as the RDI area coordinator and is on the national RDI Professional Advisory Board. She trains and supervises parents from all over the world in guiding their children with autism, helping them understand the deficits of autism and how to overcome them in their relationship with their children.

She also works with Alford Creative assisting to create podcasts and webinars related to autism and relationship development for children and their families. Kat is also a mother whose son was diagnosed with autism 24 years ago and made tremendous progress in RDI.

Kat was attracted to RDI because of the invaluable parent training and supervision component of RDI and because RDI addresses the core deficits of autism.

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