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Development is A Series of Thousands of Steps Into the Unkown – Dr. Gutstein

The RDI® Learning Community

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When a family begins work with an RDI® Certified Consultant, they collaborate together inside the RDIconnect® Learning Community. The Learning Community is a one-of-a-kind platform where participants in the RDI® program find support, education, networking, encouragement and record-keeping. Our sophisticated online system offers the opportunity to collaborate with multiple team members, connect with a world-wide community and access exclusive content and events.

Benefits of the Community


  • Access to the most up-to-date autism research
  • Exclusive articles & presentations on ASD, Dynamic Intelligence, communication, school Issues, non-verbal, MindGuiding & more
  • Webinars, multimedia e-learnings, tutorials & tip sheets

RDI® Program Resources

  • RDI® program goals & objectives
  • Exclusive video examples of RDI® parents working with their children on program objectives
  • Unique tools for organizing, communicating & record-keeping
  • Private groups for collaboration with unlimited team members
  • Ability to work with a consultant at-a-distance

Connection & Support

  • Discussion forums for help, advice & connection
  • Connect with people from all around the globe: parents, professionals & adults on the spectrum


  • Platform subscription fee is $50 per month
  • Invitations are initiated by a certified consultants
  • For more information:
If you are not already connected with a consultant and want more information about what the RDI® Program can do for your family, we offer a trial membership for up to three months. Sign up below to learn how you can access to over 500 resources PLUS live webinars and our discussion forum.

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