What is so Important About RDI® Consultants?


RDI® consultants help parents to gradually unravel the very complex problem of understanding how to help each vulnerable child. An initial RDI® assessment provides a complete picture of strengths and weaknesses, co-occurring conditions and developmental obstacles. Consultants spend the time & effort to really understand each child’s developmental readiness, unique mental operating system, strengths (resources) and vulnerabilities.

A Vital Perspective

Consultants offer vital third-party perspective on family dynamics, program progress and potential obstacles to growth. Consultants also serve as mentors and coaches that help parents maintain focus and giving guidance for next steps.





A Collaboration

Parents and consultants work together to create a program that is right for the whole family. Parents learn to re-think their daily lifestyle, restructure routine activities and provide safe but challenging opportunities for mental growth. Consultants and families meet face-to-face and utilize the RDI® Learning Community for feedback, objectives, yearly assessment findings and unique collaboration.


The primary goal of the RDI® consultant is to give power back to the parents.

We believe that making lasting, meaningful and lifelong changes begins at home with the child’s parents first and that the remediation process should take place amidst each family’s unique culture and relationships.

I strongly believe that parents are the best therapists for their children and cannot be replaced by an expert.- Chyntia Poedjokerto

RDI® Programs coach parents and primary care-givers on how to break down – and then gradually rebuild – complex dynamic processes by carefully and systematically orchestrating the presentation of dynamic intelligence objectives within day to day interactions. These interactions are embedded in daily routines and activities thus, building memories of competence and fulfillment and increasing motivation to engage in our complex world. To find an RDI® consultant near you, go here

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