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Southeast Asia

Classes are now forming and space is extremely limited. Classes will prepare professionals to work with special needs children and their parents in any age groups, focusing on the remediation of Autism’s core deficits. A combination of lectures, small group discussions, actual parent training sessions, video reviews and case studies will equip trainees to empower parents through meaningful engagements.

Come and join us, change lives and make a difference!

For more information and to schedule a Skype Q and A, email Maisie.

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About the Director

Maisie Soetantyo is a long-standing veteran in the field of specal needs education, having originally received her degree in Clinical and Counseling Maisie SoetantyoPsychology in 1992 from UCLA under the supervision of Dr. Ivar Lovaas, the founder of the Young Autism Project.  Maisie worked for 12 years as an ABA Program Supervisor, both for the Center For Autism and as a independent practitioner. Maisie is the co-founder of the Comprehensive Autism Treatment for Children (CATCh) Clinic in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a member of Dr. Gutstein’s inaugural RDI® certification class in 2002, Maisie has provided parent and professional trainings  locally and internationally.

During her career as an Certified RDI® Consultant, Maisie has worked with families in countries all around the Pacific Rim, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines. Maisie received her M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instructional Design in 2011, and has continued to work hard to educate the parents and professionals working with the special needs community in Asia on the latest Autism research findings, and the importance of parental role in the lives of individuals affected by ASD and other diagnoses. Born and raised in Indonesia, it has been her long running dream to bring the RDI® Program back to her home, and she is very proud to have the opportunity to lead the RDI® Professional Training Program in Southeast Asia.

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