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Our daughter was chirpy and adorable until she was about a year old. She loved seeing her brother and always was the centre of attention when her cousins came home, thanks to the amount she laughed and enjoyed herself around them. However, she suffered from a sinus infection regularly, for which we kept giving her antibiotics as prescribed by the doctor. And by the time she turned 1 1/2, we could see something was wrong. We took her to the best doctors we could at that time, and they diagnosed her with autism spectrum disorder. Our daughter would never be the same again. With time, her tantrums increased and she recoiled more and more into a shell. She didn’t want to play with her brother or cousins anymore and while she loved going to school, there was barely anyone she interacted with. April, whom we had earlier hired as a baby-sitter, then told us that she was almost certified as an autism consultant. We took up the challenge with her and the results were astounding. She now plays with and teases her brother like any other sister, loves seeing her cousins and even cried one day when her uncle left the house. Our daughter is now well adjusted to her surroundings and we aim to do more for her so that she accomplishes her dreams.

This is a gist of just 1 of the 12 inspirational stories in the book ‘My Baby Can Dance’ by Dr. Steven Gutstein. The stories are about families affected by autism and how they found themselves again. The stories are a narrated first-hand by the parents and the consultants.

This book focuses on families that have embraced RDI and adopted its principles. However, it does not offer any unsolicited advice or promote the therapy in any way.

‘My Baby Can Dance’ is for anyone who needs a reminder about what makes everyday social encounters wonderful and why sometimes, the simplest forms of communication can lead to delightful moments of happiness and ecstasy.

For parents of children affected by autism, it is hard to identify exactly when their child slipped away….Read more here

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