Beyond Awareness: Week 2

This week, we share some thoughts from Stephen Shore, an autistic self advocate, author of Beyond the Wall and Understanding Autism for Dummies, and professor at Adelphi University. Read original post.

1. Move the conversation from tolerance and acceptance of individuals on the autism spectrum to understanding and appreciation. (“Tolerance and acceptance” give a sense of putting up with something, whereas “understanding and appreciation” suggests valuing the contributions that individuals with autism bring to humanity.)

2. Know that if everyone were the same, the world would be a very boring place.

3. Understand that often the most important thing to a person on the autism spectrum about employment is making sure the job is done right. (Suggests that quality of workmanship is often the primary motivator of completing a task.)

4. Recognize that autism is. (Autism is neither good nor bad. It just exists, and it’s up to us to make as much good from the condition as possible).

5. Empower others to lead fulfilling and productive lives. That’s the greatest gift we can give to an individual on the autism spectrum, and to the rest of humanity (That way, the individual on the autism spectrum will be fulfilled and productive, and society will receive the great benefits of that person reaching their highest potential.)

Enjoy this interview between Dr Rachelle Sheely and Stephen Shore


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