Experience Based Learning

The RDI™ model emphasizes the importance of providing learners with authentic experience-based learning opportunities, based on their readiness to apply what they learn in a competent manner. Learning is viewed as a developmentally unfolding, successively constructed process, in which more sophisticated development is constructed on the foundations of prior, less sophisticated development. Effective learning carefully builds upon the learners prior understanding and experience and each mastered step serves as a foundation for the next step.

In our model, students are provided with learning opportunities based on their developmental readiness to understand and apply what they learn. Mindful Guides carefully assess their students on an ongoing basis to determine that foundations for new learning are in place. In addition, assessment involves learning about the current ‘EDGE’ of a student’s competence, what one-step ahead of that edge might look like, and understanding factors that enhance and potentially detract from their forward movement.


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