The following was written by RDI Consultant and Director of the Australia Training Center, Prue Watson. 

RDI Australia 1I am the Director of RDI Professional Consultant training in Australia. I am an RDI Certified Consultant and an Occupational Therapist.

To help build families’ access to RDI in Australia I am excited to be able to provide the RDI Professional Training Programme in Australia.

This has enabled professionals and parents to become Certified Consultants in this progressive approach to help families here in our local areas, and removes the need for lengthy and costly travel expeditions to Houston, although we all have fond memories of our training experiences in Houston!

I started with the first training in 2013 and have now run three Part 1 training events and one Part 2 advanced training workshop. There are now NINE active Consultants in Training in Australia! The past 18 months has been challenging and exciting as I see the message about RDI and the potential for training in our region begin to gain momentum. I have had marvelous support and assistance form my colleagues and this has really allowed me to trust the pathway to my vision as I know I have a backup support system behind me.

I have plans now for 2015 with two Part 1 Training events and two Part 2 Workshops planned in my calendar.

I think my greatest challenge in these past 18 months is staying calm and just focusing on the potential of the training events working out and adding to a momentum.

Looking Forward to the next steps!

RDI Australia 3






Prue Watson (B. Occ. Thy. (UQ), Grad Dip Ed UNE) lives in Australia, has been an RDI Certified Consultant since 2007 and is the director of the RDI Professional Consultation Center in Australia. The focus of her Occupational Therapy practice is to provide Remediation of Autism Spectrum Disorders, including Autism, Asperger’s and associated diagnoses under the ASD umbrella through the implementation of the Relationship Development Intervention RDI® programme. Email Prue or visit her website.

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