Activities in RDI®

In this episode of Parent to Parent, Kat Lee talks about the role of activities in the RDI® program and how to approach activities with your child, and gives advice on coming up with activities to do.

Before You Begin RDI® Activities

If you’re new to RDI® and MindGuiding, before you begin activities with your child you must ask yourself:

  • Are you ready to guide? And is your child ready to be guided? If you’re still in ‘crisis mode’ from a recent autism diagnosis or if your child isn’t in the right state to participate in activities yet, then it’s best to wait until you both are ready.
  • Do you know what the goal of the activity is? Not having a clear vision of what you want to achieve from an activity or activities is a mistake many parents make. You might think of a great activity that can teach and also be fun for you and your child, but is it a way to meet your current goal?

An Activity Should Be:

  • Matched to your goal
  • Provide a competent role for your child
  • Simple
  • In many cases, close
  • Distraction-free

The Roles You and Your Child Assume Matter

The roles you and your child assume in an activity are very important. You want to be sure they are ready. Your child may be ready to hold a puzzle piece and then add it to a puzzle, but are they ready for the next step: handing the puzzle piece to you? The beauty of RDI® is that children aren’t pushed to do something they’re not developmentally or emotionally ready for. You move on only when the child is ready – when they want the growth, on their own and for themselves.

What Kind of Activities Work Within the RDI® Program?

Activities can be as small as moving items from one place to another together, or can be bigger – like playing with toys or a game, sports, or outdoor activities.

The most important thing to remember is to keep your goal in mind! If you don’t remember or aren’t clear on your goal, don’t be afraid to ask your consultant. They are here to help!

To learn more about RDI® activities, some common obstacles, and how you can use simple everyday activities as an opportunity for growth and moving forward with your child, watch the video below.

Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Child’s Growth?

If you’re ready to rebuild your relationship with your child, and want to ensure that they achieve growth, development and quality of life, RDI® might be right for your family.

And if you want to know more about the program, access resources like webinars, tutorials, and more, read the latest research from RDI® professionals, and connect with and get support and advice from other parents and adults on the spectrum, you may be interested in joining our Online Community for Parents.


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