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The Missing Piece

RDI® has often been called the missing piece of the puzzle in treating autism because we don’t try to whitewash symptoms, but go to the heart of the problem and offer solutions that will improve your family’s quality of life.

Of all the things that make the RDI® model different, our focus on relationship is primary. Think about it; no matter where your child is on the spectrum, or how many skills they have developed with other therapies, the biggest hole in your family right now is likely your lack of relationship with your child.

Something just isn’t right and you know it.

Our number one goal is to give you the tools and training to create the relationship with your child that you have never been able to have.

We do not believe that autism is a disease, nor something to be “cured.”

Instead, we know that your child is just who she is meant to be and we can help you reach her full potential.

RDI® offers real hope and help for families and individuals who face autism and other developmental difficulties.


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