Building Precious Moments

by | Jul 30, 2015 | Family Stories

The following was originally published in 2013 and written by an RDI mom who works with certified consultant Carol Subramani  

I look back and realize how it is the small moments that help my 8-year old daughter feel safe and let her trust me more and more.  To share an example, a few months ago, I gave her castor oil (recommended by my doctor)….Ugh! She hated it, ran away from me, tried vomiting and hated me for giving it to her.

Over the past few months, I have been working on slowing my pace and slowing down our lives. I spend almost every evening out with my daughter; finding new places that we have never visited, walking along different roads, trying out new recipes. Small everyday activities along with her could simply be bundling papers together, punching them and tying a thread through them; peeling potatoes and peas together, rearranging clothes in her cupboard, etc.

Our lives are changing and we are able to notice that we are more relaxed, more peaceful than ever before. We are becoming clearer in our thoughts as we do our RDI assignments. I have started trusting myself and my daughter.

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Last week, when I gave the castor oil pack to my daughter, I noticed a change in the whole scenario. The first night she didn’t notice what I gave her and after having it, her face changed and she tried vomiting. I pacified her by slowly stroking her back and hugging her, validating how she felt. I wanted her to know that I’m there for her and I do understand that it tastes horrible but yet its good for her, that’s why I give it to her. The next night when I was about to give her the same, she smelled it and immediately hugged me! I realized that she didn’t run away from me because she now trusts me. I gave her the castor oil and immediately stroked her back, hugging her close to me and rocked her for a while. There was no fuss and she went to sleep peacefully as I stroked her head.

Precious moments – No irritation, strong words, prompts, crying, and meltdowns – we are clearly moving to newer pathways on our journey… Thank-you RDI!

-RDI Mom Supriya

Carol Subramani is an RDI Program Certified Consultant based in Wadala, Mumbai. She has a background in communication, education and behavioural intervention for children with ASD. She is passionate about RDI and grateful for the opportunity to work with caring and nurturing parents on the road to remediation of their children’s autism.


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