Dynamic vs Static Intelligence

by | Jun 14, 2014 | Dynamic Intelligence

The following clips show two artists whose work contrasts the difference between static and Dynamic Intelligence.

First is Stephen Wiltshire, also known as the ‘Human Camera’. Stephen has autism and there is no doubt that holding on to all that visual information in his memory is amazing. His work falls into the category of static intelligence.  Alexandra Nechita’s work falls into the area of ‘Dynamic Intelligence’. Can you tell what makes her work dynamic and how it differs from Stephen’s?


  1. Sarah Moreau

    While comparing the two videos of Alexandra Nechita’s work and Stephen Wiltshire’s work, there is a clear divide between the mental processes happening between these individuals. Alexandra displays the ability to utilize dynamic intelligence as she creates a unique, one of a kind piece of art each time she begins putting her paint brush to a canvas. Her work is dynamic as she allows her mind to explore novelty and uncertainty, and then is able to project these creations onto a canvas as she rapidly allows her mind to evaluate what she has done so far and explore new possible solutions throughout her work. In this interview, she says “I paint from my heart, from my feelings, from what’s truly inside”. These are not terms that have a specific definition, and only can be expressed through her own inferences through her artwork. Stephen’s work represents static intelligence. As he observes a cityscape, building or intriguing structure, his mind has fixed attention on memorizing every detail exactly as they are. He does not add or remove anything as he recreates these images, his mental process has formulated a concrete image and that is shown throughout his artwork. This is his fixed response execution of his experience, and he avoids uncertainty in his work.

  2. Rachelle Sheely

    Sarah, I was glad to read your analysis and comparison of the work of these two artists. Interesting, isn’t it. Are you an artist? Dr. Sheely

  3. Rachelle Sheely

    Hi Sarah, I’m not an artist but I have a strong love of art. You?

  4. Empress Nalah

    Thank you for this lovely response. I was looking for a clarity between static and dynamo, and you expressed it so wonderfully.

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