Mental Exercises to Grow Dynamic Intelligence

by | Jan 16, 2017 | Dynamic Intelligence

Life is messy, especially the world that we live in today. Every day we are faced with problems that do not always have a clear “right” or “wrong” answer and we are constantly needing to adapt; this is Dynamic Intelligence.

Dynamic Intelligence is the most sophisticated part of our neural and mental ‘operating system’. It requires integrated Application, Development and Organization of Personal, Experience-Based Knowledge

Questions to develop the dynamic mind

Here are some problems that have no “right”or “wrong” answers that you can use (whether on the spectrum or not!) to help develop your Dynamic Mind. While you are reading, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which questions are the most difficult for you to answer?
  • Why are they difficult?
  • What type of reasoning is required to manage this problem?

1. The teacher tells the class to write a report about what you believe would have happened if Abraham Lincoln had not been assassinated.

2. If you try biking to work it takes almost an hour and sometimes you get real sweaty. If you drive to work it takes 30 minutes but you wind up spending a lot of money on gas.

3. You need to construct the kitchen table you bought at the IKEA store. You bought it on sale with a “no returns” policy. You start assembling it and realize that one of the four legs is not exactly the same size as the others. It is 2 millimeters shorter.

4. You wake up one morning and find yourself alone in a forest. You have no equipment. No compass. No GPS. The land is flat. You can see nothing but trees no matter where you look.
There is a small stream running nearby. You have no idea where you are or how you got here.What do you do?

5. You learned that the best thing to do if you lose a ball that belongs to one of your friends is to buy him a new one. When you lose a friend’s ball you immediately go out and buy one that looks identical. You present it to your friend and he refuses to accept it and says, “What good is that.That cannot replace the one I lost.” What do you do?

6. Your teacher tells you to study for a test. But when you ask her how long you should study, she says that he cannot answer that.

7. You are part of a project group. Your part of the project was to estimate how long it would take to complete a certain design. You work for many hours to come up with your estimate. You cannot imagine how the project can be done in less than four months. You come to your meeting and announce your estimate of four months. The other members of the group tell you that it is much too long. The customer requires the design to be complete in two months or else will find someone else to do the work.

8. You begin working on your test. You have one hour to finish it. You will have to work very fast to finish the whole test. If you work fast you will make more mistakes. If you slow down to check your mistakes you will not complete the test.

“Without uncertainty, there is no challenge” – Dr. Steven Gutstein


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