RDI At Home: Dance! Dance! Dance!

It’s Wednesday—like no Wednesday we’ve every known.

We are working from home. We are playing as we work. This is a video of Charlee at her dance recital. It’s quite beautiful.

We are spotlighting Charlee’s performance because you will want to think about your own children achieving recognition for their hard work or remember yourself dancing as a child—maybe you are dancing, even right now, in your living room.

Begin to dance together as a family. Send me your videos and I will feature them in our family lineup.

There are many dance tutorials on line. Form your own dance troupe or dance along with Charlee

Thank you Charlee for sharing your performance with us.

Put on this video of Charlee and dance along
Dance ! Dance! Dance!
Thank you to Cindy Bevier for this video!


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