What Makes Individuals with Autism Feel Stressed?

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Children with autism feel stressed in many circumstances which appear normal to us. This stress manifests itself in various ways – through anxiety, refusal to cooperate and more. And if the stress increases beyond a threshold, it turns into a meltdown.

Most neurotypicals see just the behavior of the child and deduce that s/he is acting difficult out of stubbornness. But there is much more to their misunderstood behaviors than meets the eye.

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The below infographic sheds light on why children with autism feel stressed. In fact, the feedback we received from individuals on the autism spectrum shows that this holds true for adults on the autism spectrum too. 

autism-and-stress-management-infographicClick to see a zoomed in version

The next time you feel like a child or young adult with autism misbehaves because s/he wants to escape tasks or gain your attention, think again.


  1. Pat Voytko

    Hi Kamini,

    Great graphic. May I copy and use separate from your blog post if I give you credit?

    I find all your articles helpful. Keep writing!
    Pat Voytko

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