Our Focus on Training Professionals

This has been an exciting year for our professional training program as we doubled the number of people who entered training. This was due to offering more online training with a new hybrid class and opening three additional training centers in India, Australia and S.E. Asia.

You may wonder why we talk so much about this part of our enterprise. Our focus to train and equip more professionals in our protocol and model is crucial and allows us to:

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1) Reach more people: There are still pockets where RDI is not well known, or where there are no consultants. We hope to continue to expand our training opportunities so that we can be in more places to bring hope and help to more families.

2) Expand into different cultures and languages: RDI is exploding around the world and we know we must adapt our training for different cultures and languages. Going into other countries and training professionals within their cultural setting is the best way to do that.

3) Provide necessary training and support for parents: For families to get the most from RDI materials and programs, they need the help of a skilled certified consultant. Through our certification program, professionals develop the tools to help parents move out of crisis, assess their obstacles and guide them on their journey to being competent MindGuides. The following short video explains what you can expect when you work with an RDI consultant.

Click here for more about our professional training program.


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