The Emotional Roller Coaster of COVID-19

In this webinar, Certified RDI® Consultants Kat Lee and Dr. Sarah Wayland discuss how the pandemic has affected both us as parents, and our children.

During the last two years or so, a lot of parents have struggled just to get their kids through each day.

Besides the emotional impact of COVID itself on both adults and children, there are many other struggles to contend with that include:

  • Less contact with others/learning new forms of communication
  • Changes in schedule/the way we do things/etc. can lead to uncertainty for all children, but can be especially challenging for our autistic children. One way this presents itself is through the constant schooling changes – for many kids, school has been changing from in-person to online to hybrid – and then back and forth again as circumstances change.
  • Online schooling leads to more screen time than we may want for our kids.

Because of these challenges, and their own challenges brought on by the pandemic (like career changes, money concerns, schedule changes, etc.), many parents are feeling burned out.

As the pandemic goes on, it’s important to take care of yourself.

That’s why RDI® Consultants have been focusing on helping parents to build resilience, take time to manage their own needs and emotions, and to ‘slow down to speed up.’



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