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Anxiety and Young Children: How To Help Them Cope

We all experience anxiety sometimes. Long ago, when resources were more scarce and we lived more dangerous lives, anxiety helped us to recognize threats like predators. Even today, it can help us in certain situations. Children can also experience anxiety and, just like with adults, if it isn’t managed, anxiety can make day-to-day life less enjoyable and more difficult.

The Emotional Roller Coaster of COVID-19

In this webinar, Certified RDI® Consultants Kat Lee and Dr. Sarah Wayland discuss how the pandemic has affected both us as parents, and our children. During the last two years or so, a lot of parents have struggled just to get their kids through each day. Besides the emotional impact of COVID itself on both adults and children, there are many other struggles to contend with.

Making the Fourth of July Fun for Everyone!

July 4th can be a difficult holiday for anyone with sensory struggles, especially noise sensitivities. The fireworks, the crowds, the noise, the change in routine can all trigger an autistic child, teen or adult and can cause anxiety, stress or meltdowns. But there are ways that you can help your child or loved one minimize their stress!

Holidays and Anxiety

The holiday season is upon us and although this time of the year is fun and full of magic for many of our families, when you have a child with autism the extra chaos and noise can often become...

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