You can do RDI anywhere!

What is RDI®?

RDI is not a behavior therapy and it is not a checklist of skills that have to be learned. RDI is an intervention of gradually re-building the foundations of the Guiding Relationship that have been affected by autism. 

We do this not by “getting” a child to do something, but by teaching parents how to create customized experiences (unique for your child) over a period of years that focus on activating growth-seeking, building intrinsic motivation and giving the child the mental & emotional abilities that we all count on to survive this dynamic world. 

How is RDI® Implemented?

The wonderful thing about the RDI model is that you no longer have to rely on a team of specialists teaching you how to interact with your child! 

With the guidance of a consultant, parents learn to evaluate where the child stopped developing in order to create a program that is right for their child. They learn to re-think their daily lifestyle, restructure routine activities and provide safe but challenging opportunities for mental growth.

RDI® is an Online Platform

Because our consultants are spread out all over the world, just like all of you, the majority of your work with a consultant can be done via online communication platforms. Not only can you talk to your consultant online but RDI® has an online learning platform used to organize ongoing communication, video submissions, current and future objectives and yearly assessment findings. 

In addition, parents have access to a video library containing samples of RDI® work donated by other families, webinars on a variety of topics and ongoing discussion groups with other parents.

This means that no matter where you or what is going on you have access to help!

If you are looking to learn more about RDI and connect with a consultant that can get you started in the program sign up here to be connected for a free consultation with a consultant near you. Anywhere in the world!


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