Covid-19 Off the Rails: The Emotional Roller Coaster

by | May 13, 2020 | COVID-19, Parenting, Webinar

COVID-19 Continues to Be an Up and Down Rollercoaster

Dr. Sarah Wayland (RDI® Consultant and Parent) joins “Parent to Parent” host Kat Lee, revisiting the Emotional Roller Coaster in the times of Covid-19. Sarah brings her unique perspective and warmth to parents as she and Kat discuss the highs and lows of parenting during the pandemic and dealing with the feeling of being “off the rails.” Kat and Sarah talk about the hardships faced by us as parents, and also our kids these days: uncertainty, missing friends, schedule disruptions, remote schooling, no time away from family, etc.

How Can We Help Our Children Through COVID-19?

In this video, Sarah and Kat go over what you can do to help your child regulate these new feelings and help the entire family better handle the changes brought on my the pandemic. Daily family check-ins, talking about feelings, and setting and sticking to a routine can help your family to get through this stressful time together.

Kat Lee has been an RDI®️️ Certified Consultant for more than 15 years, in the field of autism for 25 years
and has worked with families from around the world.

Sarah Wayland, Ph.D.
Certified RDI®️️ Consultant, Special Needs Care Navigator, Parent Coach and (most importantly) Mom!

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