Elevator Speeches: Explaining RDI® in Simple Language

Do You Have Your Elevator Speech Ready?

You’ve probably heard about the importance of the elevator speech before.

You need to be ready to sell yourself – or any topic you’re passionate about and want to inform people about – in the time it takes top ride an elevator with someone.

That means you’ve got about 60 seconds to pitch what you believe in.

If your life or your family’s life has been positively impacted by RDI®, you may want to share the news.

If someone asked you right now to tell them all about the program, and quickly, what would you say?

The Basics of RDI®

Do you ever feel you have trouble explaining RDI® concisely and simply?

Here are a few elevator speeches from RDI® consultants that they use when they need to describe our programs in a hurry.

Core Tenets of RDI®

  • Relationship Development Intervention® is a program being used internationally to equip families and adults that have neurologically based development challenges like autism to normalize their lives and regain a sense of productive progress in their family or individual growth process.
  • RDI® is an effective efficient way of working with families of autistic children to remediate the core deficits of autism and engage more in the social world.
  • RDI® is a parent empowerment program for parents and families of children with special needs. I have seen unbelievable changes in the whole family and the support this program gives with a personal consultant as well as a huge supportive community is amazing.
  • RDI® forms the basis of how my service works to support families of individuals with autism or other related disorders. It looks to re-establish an individual’s understanding of their relationship with other people and how they can make use of the experiences of others
  • Relationship Development Intervention® is a program for families in crisis who have children on the autism spectrum or who have another relationship based disorder.
  • RDI® is a program designed to re-teach parents how to relate to their child with autism. Relating to a child with Autism is very different to relating to a child without Autism.
  • Relationship Development Intervention® is an amazing technique teaching parents the way to engage with their behavior challenged child. We want parents to successfully support their child in an interactive functional way- with a goal that each child will truly LIVE to their best ability.
  • RDI® helps people who struggle to connect socially. It is a family-focused program that teaches the skills fundamental to making and maintaining meaningful relationships by working with parents and children.
  • RDI® is a consultation program to guide families impacted by autism to rebuild a successful guiding relationship among the family –  not struggle with the instrumental interactions, but instead to have more real life meaningful experiences.


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