RDI®️️ At Home: Action for Action

by | May 14, 2020 | RDI At Home

It’s Thursday—like no Thursday we’ve ever known.

This video demonstrates very clearly how a basic idea that remains the same can be changed ever so slightly as it begins to explore larger and larger ideas.

This boy and his mother take an “action for action” as they playful stack dishes. Notice how the experience sharing includes limit setting. Also pay close attention to the boy’s perspective. You will notice a wonderful apprentice watching his mother, joint attention as he shifts between person, object and self.

Make sure to take notes as you watch Di Maitland and her son explore a regulatory pattern in various settings with quite a few materials. Have you signed up for her blog, The Brighter Side? I never miss it.

Di Maitland, RDI®️️ Consultant
Bright Side of Life!

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