RDIConnect® Guiding Engagements

RDI® is MORE than just the activity

Mindful Guiding is not conducted in a spontaneous, seat-of manner. Rather, it takes place during guiding engagements. Guiding Engagements are simply a time that has been planned together by you (the guide) to do a specific activity with your child (the apprentice) with a specific goal in mind.

Below are the five main characteristics of a Guiding Engagement.

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We understand that your pandemic situation is not easy at all. It’s easy to feel trapped, helpless, and alone.

Even with the restrictions, we’d like to help make your life easier by offering you a chance to become part of the RDIconnect® RDI Learning Community at a discounted cost.

When you begin your introductory membership, you’ll benefit from having access to our program resources, education (all the up-to-date autism research), and the connection and support you need from RDI® consultants and other parents like you!


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