The Second Function of Dynamic Intelligence: Ongoing Growth

Along with their application in mentally challenging, dynamic environments, dynamically intelligent persons preserve mental resources for a second critical function – dynamic growth.

One component of growth involves improving mental resources. This includes constructing and continually upgrading an accessible library of personal knowledge that can be retrieved as needed, to improve our future functioning. Agentic development also includes ongoing improvement of mental tools, mindsets and habits.

A second component of dynamic growth involves the self. Self growth includes developing a coherent temporally extended sense of ourselves that stretches from our past into multiple potential ‘becoming’ futures. It also includes developing an increasingly sophisticated personal identity integrating our experience of ourselves as autonomous beings, with the perception of ourselves as inextricably connected to important relationships with others.

To learn more about Dynamic Growth in the context of the Guiding Relationship and how your child can benefit from the RDI® Model, join the online community of parents just like you.

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