Covid 19: At Home with Our Children

by | Mar 27, 2020 | COVID-19, Parenting, Webinar

When Family Time is Not a Choice

Even the most intrepid saint-like parents might feel the ominous weight and pressure of cabin fever when family time is not a choice but a 24/7 sequestered reality.  Especially difficult are programs reliant on staff which are temporarily unavailable because of quarantine. It can feel overwhelming.

We have a virtual candy-store-cornucopia of ideas that will turn your isolation, your quarantine, into daily opportunities that can be a welcome diversion while being productive too.  Who knows?  Guided by the suggested activities,  you could end up with a clean house and even a smile on your face

Avoiding Chaos in a Chaotic World

While this letter has been a bit on the light side, I have not intended to minimize the difficulty of the hard times we are experiencing.  But with you, we walk shoulder to shoulder, as we always have, experiencing what we face, together In truth, our parenting journey has not always been easy – often challenging and sometimes exhausting.  But, more often than not, we have found a wellspring of joy in building confidence as parents and competence as professionals.

Through our struggles, we have strengthened our resilience. Yes, we will get through this pandemic together, you and I. We will celebrate as we share our ideas and those special moments we are experiencing. Because each of us is on a personal, unique journey that we can recognize and claim as our own.

So, first, take time to watch the video by our seasoned and creative consultants, Katherine Lee and Lisa Palasti.

After you’ve savored their wisdom and advice, click on the link below if you you like to register for our learning community and receive access to a list examples of activities for yet another rewarding experience.

Sign up for the RDI Learning Community

Already registered? Access Activities for Families here

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I hope you find these days filled will new inspired possibilities. May G-d bless and sustain you as we navigate this new landscape.  May you come through this experience (personally) stronger and also healthier as a family.

And, inspired by the words of Bob the Builder, “Can we do it?  Yes we can!” let’s reply, ”Yes, we can!”

Dr. Rachelle K. Sheely,
President and Co-Founder
RDIconnect ® Inc.


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