Key Elements of the RDI Model: 4

Balanced Learning: RDI Programs try to maintain a healthy balance between real-world application and ongoing development – Applying knowledge, skill, habits and mental states to attain important goals and learning to look for & take advantage of opportunities for further development

Developing personalized experience-based knowledge: Learning is re-defined, not as the accumulation of information, but as a lifelong process of developing personally meaningful knowledge. Students learn that the product of their experience – Personalized Knowledge – has a unique potential to empower them because it reflects their own authentic experience and represents their unique needs. The program teaches students to function beyond the capacity provided by our haphazard and intuitive memory processes. Students learn to intentionally and mindfully construct effective knowledge products that they externally store in personalized knowledge management system and retrieve to help them prepare for new goals and challenging situations. Personalized knowledge is applicable, extendable, upgradable and can be efficiently retrieved when needed. We define learning, not as the mere accumulation of information, but as a lifelong process of actively constructing personally meaningful knowledge.

Knowledge, skill, habits and Mindsets: While personalized knowledge is considered central, it will have no value unless requisite skills, habits and mind-sets are in place. Skill proficiency represents our capacity to apply and implement knowledge often in an unconscious, automatic manner, by turning it into effective action, in real-world situations. While knowledge is not useful without requisite proficiency, students learn that the reverse is also true. In order to become proficient in the most effective and efficient manner they require knowledge to guide the process.

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