RDI®️️ At Home: Setting the Table

by | Apr 25, 2020 | Activities, RDI At Home

It’s Saturday—like no Saturday we’ve ever known.

A principle of RDI®️️ is that parents of children on the spectrum know how to guide their children—RDI®️️ simply helps them develop the desire for guiding —apprenticeship— in their children.

This is an amazing mother (see her notes below) who has developed a simple pattern of setting the table with her son. He has a role and so does she. About 1/2 way through you will notice that it becomes less about setting the table and more about the sharing of the experience—his ability to reference to know what to do. Notice that she increases the difficulty of the task and he rises to the occasion with confidence.

Hi, I am a french mom, RDI is new for me and my son, but I already can see improvement in the way he participate in simple everyday activities.

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