It’s Monday—like no Monday we’ve ever known.

There are some very obvious differences in capabilities when a child has autism. Most striking is the inability to understand the perspective of another person. Equally important, though, is a problematic sense of self. (I’m laughing because of my use of sense—you’ll see) While not the case here, an extreme example is a child who doesn’t recognize a photo or video of himself. But, the questions we take for granted, what smells do I like or to like? Are they the same as yours? Are yours the same as mine?  

This is an incredible video of a little boy monitoring himself and spontaneously sharing the emotional expressions of his partner. As you watch, note that when it’s his partner’s turn to smell, he looks intently at her and then he breaks into a smile as she says “I like it”.

This is a “do it today and have fun” video.

Kathy Darrow- Serving NJ and PA locally/globally via various platforms

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