RDI®️️ At Home: Stacking Cups

by | May 28, 2020 | Activities, RDI At Home

It’s Thursday—like no Thursday we’ve ever known.

Parents who are mindful guides help children manage difficult times.

This is a video that shares the problems a mother encounters as her son demands in their play that she follow his lead. He rejects her ideas and tantrums to return to his. The growth of self, cognitive development and emotional regulation do not develop if a child does not value and accept the parent’s guidance.  (If you’d like more information on this guiding relationship or have a question, leave a note below)

Notice her response when he discounts her ideas and demands to control their play. She does not tell him what to do but does simply say that she has an idea and then turns away to spotlight her sadness and disappointment. He tries to get her to make a happy face (still on his terms). There is a moment as he struggles to accept her ideas, she smiles and lets him know that she loves him and likes his ideas, too.

Echo Li, parent of autistic children, Passionate and faithful.

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