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This week’s guest blog post brought to you by RDI Consultant, Charmaine Lee

Not too long ago, my (soon to be eight year old) son said he wanted to earn money and asked why he had to be an adult before he could make money. I replied that he could take on part-time jobs when he was older at fifteen and work at Mac Donald’s, for example.

One day, as he was enthusiastically doing a varnishing activity, I mentioned that he could work as a painter to earn some money. To which he replied that he was a good worker. His reply gave me an insight into his thinking. He was doing a good job in carefully varnishing the wood. He did not need external motivations such as “good job!” or “well done” to affirm him. His motivation was intrinsic. I was delighted to discover that he felt competent and saw himself in a positive light.

This was not something that happened overnight. In our RDI journey, he is taking many small steps in overcoming challenges and these personal experiences are moving him to be the person that he wants to be. As a parent and guide, my role is to offer him as many opportunities as possible to help him reach his fullest potential.

Charmaine Lee is an RDI Certifed Consultant based in Singapore. She feels privileged to be a mother to Nathanael as the journey has been enriching and deeply meaningful. She hopes to empower other families to help their children and welcomes families who feels the same way to work with her. Please visit her website at for more information.


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