British Columbia Opens to RDI

by | Sep 1, 2015 | RDI® News

RDI families in British Columbia will now be able to have their therapy covered by state funding!

A recent decision by the Registry of Autism Service Providers allows RDI, DIR, and Floortime to be included as government approved methods of autism therapy. For many years, only ABA therapy has been officially recognized by the government. This is a huge breakthrough in the acceptance of the RDI program and other family based therapies.

The Ministry for Children and Families Special Needs in British Columbia, have also officially added RDI, DIR and Floortime therapies into the “Parent Handbook: Your Guide to Autism Programs.”, a government guide that is given out when children receive an autism diagnosis; making it easier for parents to make more informed decisions regarding the therapy they choose for their child.

This change came after 10 years of lobbying and requests by families who prefer a more family-based approach to therapy.

Congratulations to the RDI families in British Columbia!



  1. Blair Armstrong

    Thanks for posting Beth. It has been a long decade of building bridges between service providers, families and our government. Our coalition spans many domains. Sometimes catching flies with honey and sometimes a lot of hard grinding with the powers that be. There is still work to be done but this is a big step in the right direction. If any families from BC wish to learn more about our Coalition please feel free to contact us.

  2. Lucy liu

    Dear Madam/Sir
    Would you let me know where the British Columbia is? It is in UK?

  3. Elizabeth Alford

    Hi Lucy,
    British Columbia is a province in western Canada.

  4. Rosanne Papadopoulos

    Thank you Blair and your coalition for all your hard work! It opens up a world of possibilities for other Canadian provinces!

  5. Carmen Clay

    I have a nephew who has autism who lives in British Columbia so I was naturally happy to find out that state funding will now cover RDI. Does anybody know how his family can avail of state funding of RDI? He is a young adult and is out of the school system. He is a very nice young man who has a hard time keeping a job because of his autism.

  6. Blair Armstrong

    Hi Carmen, in British Columbia (Western Canadian Province; Vancouver is one of our major cities). Unfortunately our funding stops at age 19 but there are programs designed to help adolescents transition into adulthood and the workforce. They can be accessed as a person with ASD (or other designation) is transitioning to 19 years of age or if they sign up for and are receiving PWD benefits (person with disability). Our province provides 2 levels of Under 19 funding to families based on the child’s age (Under 6 Early Intervention services, and Over 6-18 funding).

  7. Blair Armstrong

    Hi Lucy, yes BC is the western-most province in Canada. We are probably most well known for the the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver/Whistler 😎

  8. Nellie slater

    I live in Maple Ridge, lower mainland Vancouver BC. I want to receive RDI floortime intervention for my son. He is11 and being diagnosed with autism

  9. Rachelle Sheely

    Thank you for letting me know of your interest in RDI. I am forwarding your inquiry to our director of training in that area. Her email address will appear next to in the email I am about to send out. We love working with children your son’s age and hope to be helpful to you.
    Dr. Sheely
    713 838 1362 ext 102

  10. Rola

    Iam looking for play therapy for my autistic son 8 years old non verbal.
    I live inRichmond bc on the lower main land of Vancouver.
    If you please connect me with any Center here providing floor time Therapy at home after schoo time 2-3 time week , that will be great .
    Actually I have funding and not finding any bl to work with my son .

  11. Rachelle Sheely

    We have some excellent RDI consultants in Vancouver. I will email their contact information to you.

  12. Susan

    My grandson lives in Halfmoon Bay, BC on the Sunshine Coast. He is 4 yrs old and has received an autism diagnosis. We have looked for therapist who provides RDI therapy but there doesnt seem to be anyone on the coast who provides such thetapy. Any help or advice is appreciated.

  13. Rachelle Sheely

    Dear Susan
    I have forwarded your inquiry to Lisa Pilasti who is our trainer for Canada. She will be in touch with you and help you find a good match. Wishing you the best
    Dr. Sheely

  14. Rachelle Sheely

    HI Susan
    I’m forwarding your email address to Lisa Pilasti who can put you in touch with a trainee or consultant in BC

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