RDI families in British Columbia will now be able to have their therapy covered by state funding!

A recent decision by the Registry of Autism Service Providers allows RDI, DIR, and Floortime to be included as government approved methods of autism therapy. For many years, only ABA therapy has been officially recognized by the government. This is a huge breakthrough in the acceptance of the RDI program and other family based therapies.

The Ministry for Children and Families Special Needs in British Columbia, have also officially added RDI, DIR and Floortime therapies into the “Parent Handbook: Your Guide to Autism Programs.”, a government guide that is given out when children receive an autism diagnosis; making it easier for parents to make more informed decisions regarding the therapy they choose for their child.

This change came after 10 years of lobbying and requests by families who prefer a more family-based approach to therapy.

Congratulations to the RDI families in British Columbia!


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