RDI®️️ At Home: Build a Castle

RDI®️️ is about thinking and cognitive development. If I ask you “What is your idea?” you may struggle to come up with something or even ask, “about?”. But, in a different way what if I tell you “This is my idea” and I give you the opportunity to add your idea to mine, we can now blend our ideas together to make something more spectacular than we would have made by ourselves.

This short clip of a mother and son will be something you will want to watch and try.

Look for these things—a slow start up,  the slow pace and the lack of instruction.  This mom gives her child time to use his brain to figure things out.  And, he does!

The following is what I do with Andy almost everyday. We take turns to add blocks to build a castle. Then he will draw a picture of the castle and color it which he always enjoy. In the middle of the clip, he got up to pick up some blocks that dropped on the floor.

This video was submitted by an RDI®️️ Parent

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