This article was originally written by RDI dad, Steve Williams and shares a bit about what RDI had meant to his family. The Williams family works with RDI Certified Consultant, Kate D’Anvers 

Our son Finn was diagnosed as Asperger’s when he was 3 ½ and he has just had his 7th birthday. When he was about 4 years old, we began RDI therapy with our consultant, Kate.

We were receptive to the basic “dynamic vs static” tenet of RDI because it simply made sense to us on a logical level and we had no reservations joining the program. In parallel to the RDI course we have also explored dietary issues and our son has been on a strict gluten and dairy-free diet since he started RDI.

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While it is impossible to accurately measure the direct impact of RDI (because our case has a sample size of 1 with no control group!), we both firmly believe that the skills Finn has learned (and continues to learn) in his RDI course have been absolutely fundamental to his transition from a disconnected, anti-social 4 year old prone to meltdowns and difficult to manage to what he is now – someone who take part in all normal activities (i.e. school, socially, family etc) without special treatment or supervision. Our son is popular at school (albeit with a quirky sense of humor) and while we are still working on some of his behaviors he does not obviously stand out from the crowd of kids around him.



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