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Autism and Bullying – Helping Your Kid Cope

Studies have found that children and teens with autism are more likely to be bullied than their typically developing peers. Over 60% of children, teens and young adults with autism experience bullying. Among them, high schoolers are more likely to be bullied. If the rate of bullying among autistic individuals is so high, you might be wondering: Why isn’t more being done about it? To start with, a lot of parents don’t know that their child is being bullied.

Using RDI® To Address Behavior Issues in the Classroom

In this video, I discuss a case study about using RDI® to address behavior issues at school. I’ve been working with this particular family for about 17 years, so I’m very familiar with the child and his history. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to observe the student in the classroom several times, either in-person or through video review or a live Zoom feed. In one instance, I was asked to observe some video taken in the classroom to look for a potential bullying situation.

Can a Public School Deny Access to My Child With Higher Support Needs?

By law, children with support needs have the right to school services. If your child is denied access or you’re dealing with roadblocks, you should take the necessary steps to make sure they receive appropriate services. This process can be intimidating, but it’s part of advocating for your child and ensuring that they receive the education and other services they’re entitled to.

Creating an IEP that Promotes Growth!

During Independent Education Plan (IEP) season, parents everywhere are preparing, researching, talking to other parents, consulting with advocates, case managers, and a variety of professionals.

All in hopes of hitting the nail on the head and creating a comprehensive plan that will take their special needs child to the next level, academically and otherwise.

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