Making Your Classroom Accessible to All Students

by | Aug 13, 2014 | School/Homeschooling

The Role of the Classroom in Learning

A classroom is a very important environment for a child and can set the stage for success or distraction.

Sometimes it is hard for a teacher to look at their classroom with a child’s eyes.

Most teachers like to personalise their rooms with bright colors, wall hangings and posters, but chances are you have too much stuff.

Some of the best advice I have received is to decorate your classroom like you would your house, with very few decorations and a cohesive color scheme.

You might have clutter in your classroom that you don’t even see anymore – such as boxes that have been there so long, they are no longer even a peripheral thought.

If you want to minimize visual distractions in your classroom but don’t know where to start, here are some ideas:


4 Ways to Minimize Distractions in Your Classroom

Get rid of your bulletin board

I know this is a tough one, when I taught school I loved my seasonal bulletin board.

They were fun to make, and I thought it was a creative way to decorate my class room.

The truth is that they simply take up space.

Throw out posters

Do you use the posters in your room frequently for teaching purposes?

If not, then they are an added distraction.

Don’t hang things from the ceiling

The added layer of visual complexity as well as the noise of movement they create can be just the thing to send a student over the distracted edge.

Turn off your monitor when not in use

Is your computer left on all the time? Does it make a noise?

Does it have a screen saver? Is the screen saver a clown juggling with cats?

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Part of the foundation of education is an optimal environment for learning.

Different background stimulation can lead to processing confusion.

If children are having a hard time focusing, it is important to give them an environment to help eliminate possible distractions.

If you are still determined to keep your bulletin board, look at these two pictures.

Imagine you are a child coming into a classroom for the first time.

What would you expect from your teacher? What would you think they expect from you?

greenclass crazy classroom









Ideas from this post were taken from the book RDI and Education by Dr. Steve Gutstein 


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