RDI®️️ Myths and Truths

There are a lot of topics that come up about RDI® that are not necessarily what we are all about. So we are here to share some myths and truths about the RDI® Model!

Myth 1: The age myth:

We have heard all of these myths before. RDI is only for younger children. RDI is only for older children. You can be too old for RDI. You can be too young for RDI.

You get it. But the truth is, RDI is for everyone.

We have worked with people of all ages and the best way to make RDI work for you and your family is to find a consultant that works with the age range you are looking for. We have consultants that specialize in adults, teens or children so it is never too late to start!

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Myth 2: RDI is about activities:

The truth is that RDI is about helping parents guide their vulnerable children. RDI® is implemented (because it is really a parenting style) through activities that you do with your kids but it is not the activity that matters, it is the Guiding Relationship that matters.

It is about empowering parents and giving all kids the opportunity to live their best life!

Myth 3: RDI and talking:

RDI is only for nonverbal kids. RDI is only for verbal kids. RDI is only for highly verbal children. RDI is only for low verbal children.

The truth is that RDI emphasizes communication and is for everyone.

There is a lot of talk in the RDI Model about communication which is where this myth comes from. Especially when you look at the focus we place on learning to communicate with non-verbal communication.

But this focus is simply on communication and connecting with your child

Myth 4: RDI is all about nonverbal communication:

Communication is part of our guiding of parents and their children but it is just a part of what we look at. Communication takes place in many channels.

The truth is that we emphasize nonverbal communication as a way to cut down on the clutter and noise to help our kids learn true communication, rather than just talking all the time. 

Myth 5: RDI and time:

Some say that RDI takes too much time and others that it doesn’t take much time at all. The truth is that guiding our children takes time.

The time question is answered by asking yourself the following question: How much time were you planning on spending with your child originally? After all, spending time and hanging out is just part of the parenting gig!

Looking for more? Watch a webinar with RDI consultant Kat Lee on RDI Myths and Truths here

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