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Why It’s Time to Stop Teaching ‘Right and Wrong’ to Your Child

This guest blog post was originally published on the saiconnections blog page. You can read the original here. Three friends show up at your door to surprise you. It’s dinner time. You haven’t cooked enough but you still manage to serve a decent meal. It ends up being...

The Cook’s Assistant

Nick is going through a stubborn teenager phrase. He only wants to do what he wants to do. When invited to join me in some form of interaction, he makes the sign for ‘finished’ quicker than you can say, “let’s…..”

Stuck With Monotonous Answers From Your Child? Try These 5 Steps

Declarative communication can be verbal or non verbal. It is the opposite of imperative communication, which demands answers to questions.

With declarative communication a response is neither expected nor required. It’s okay if your child doesn’t respond to your declarative statement. For example: if you stated “These oranges are sweet.”, we would not expect a reciprocal statement.

Holidays and Anxiety

The holiday season is upon us and although this time of the year is fun and full of magic for many of our families, when you have a child with autism the extra chaos and noise can often become overwhelming. To help you and your family make the most of these special...

RDI® Professional Training: Mexico

These classes will train professionals to work with children with special needs and their parents, of any age, focusing on the rehabilitation of central deficits of autism.

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