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RDI – Contest Inspiration

We received the following idea from a mom who puts you In the driver’s seat.  Think freely, be inspired. Indulge your creative impulses and submit it in a video below. Click here to submit Every...

RDI At Home: An Apple a Day

It’s Tuesday—like no Tuesday we’ve ever known. As you watch this video, pay close attention to the guiding relationship between this mother and her son. It is a sweet interaction that is very...

RDI At Home: Daily Rhythm

It’s Monday—like no Monday we’ve ever known. A Homeschool RDI Mom share her valuable wisdom and invites you to turn this period of isolation into an opportunity: Greetings from an RDI mom in Texas!...

RDI At Home: Fight Song

It’s Friday—like no Friday we’ve ever known. Admire and enjoy the senior project of an amazing young woman who has her sights set on a career as an interpretive artist. Kat Lee has been an RDI...

RDI At Home: Change

It’s Friday—like no Friday we’ve ever known. Every now and again we are privileged to observe a rare and beautiful talent.  This video, by a very creative young lady, describes the importance of...

Online Therapy to Help Autism

Parents of children with autism often seek alternative methods of therapy that fit into their busy schedules and work in their child’s most effective learning environment—the home. For this reason, online therapy is a growing and popular choice.


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