Consider the New Year, and you will be struck by the desire we all have to incorporate change into our lives and to do better—alongside a personal ‘reality show’ of failed resolution.

Who doesn’t recount and recant false starts and wimpy endings and disavow to never again make a New Year Resolution?

Families have stories, though, of resolve; a New Year’s Resolution that didn’t go South. My father resolved on New Year’s Eve 1941 to quit his 3 pack a day habit and actually did so. He banned together with 18 friends from work all of whom started smoking shortly after they resolved to stop. He was the only one that never smoked again. What made the difference? They all wanted to stop and for economic and health reasons, even then, knew they should. Each of the men in the Union had his own story but the one we grew up with taught us what it means to move from resolution to decision.

My father not only resolved to stop smoking but he mindfully decided and planned how to do it. He would avoid the places and times when he typically smoked, dodge the social camaraderie associated with it. He detailed not only what he wouldn’t do but what he would. He bought a new 78 record (no iTunes or CD’s back in the day) every week to spotlight his success and he chose an activity to counter the various nuances of his addiction. Working in a factory, he tooled a beautifully carved knife during breaks.

We all think about using the New Year to formulate a change that is important to us. Having met so often with failure, we joke that we resolve to gain weight or become couch potatoes and often avoid not only resolutions but setting goals.

RDI™ helps both the child on the spectrum, his siblings and family approach living in a mindful way. Making decisions and teaching our children this life-long approach to good living is a strong focus of our work.

What are your goals for the New Year? Consider the various points of decision making that will support the resolutions that are important to you.

My father lived to be 88.

RDI™ wishes each of you and every member of your family the happiest of New Year Blessing.

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