Jodi Peterson

RDI® Consultant in Training

Location: Morden, Manitoba, Canada

Phone: 4317754832

Areas Serviced: In-person service to rural Manitoba, Winnipeg and NW Ontario. Clients beyond physical reach are welcome to register for long-distance service.

Languages: English


Works at a Distance

About Jodi

Jodi Peterson began her journey with RDI as a long-distance client in 2015. She was captivated from the beginning, and even more so as she continued to learn about RDI’s research-based focus on the relationship between parent and child. Her passion for consulting stems from the growth she has experienced in her own family. Truly understanding the position of parents new to the RDI program, Jodi’s approach as a consultant is based on collaboration, a positive mindset, and determined persistence.

Prior to her foray into parenthood, Jodi has a background working with adults living with disabilities. Through her journey with her own children, she has studied numerous autism remediation therapies and parenting programs. Jodi loves learning on many fronts aside from child development and psychology: astronomy, foraging, yoga, and cultural studies are some of her favourites.

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